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40% reduction in Integration costs


We used the Validify solution to identify solutions for 2 major programs this year. The first was for a CRM based marketing cloud. Thanks to Validify we saved at least 40% in integration costs and expect to save at least 20% on licence fees per annum. The other was in relation to Business Intelligence to improve retention and acquisition, delivering a 400% and 100% improve on ROAS respectively.

Head of CRM



Doubled our rate of running pilots


Great solution, giving us an up to date view on the latest trends in the marketing place and understand what innovation companies like ours are implementing. It was invaluable to get the whole team together and bounce ideas how how Halfords can use innovation to achieve our business objectives.

Global Digital Director



Accelerated our innovation process


The Validify solution enabled us  to pull the key stakeholders from our various brands at TPRG together and capture our collective business objectives for the year ahead. 


Validify used this data to curate an exciting showcase of innovative solution providers that matched our objectives perfectly 

Group Head of eCommerce

Theo Pathitis Retail Group