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Compare with confidence.
Buy with backing.

Validify levels the playing field, bringing the right solutions to you, quick and hassle-free. 

Software discovery

Software discovery

Find your perfect solution partner using our comprehensive database featuring 1,000’s of best-in-class technologies.

aValidify tracks all of the relevant, pioneering SaaS solutions for brands, so you don't have to!

aWith 10,000+ solutions in our database, we cover your every possible business need aspanning marketing, instore, ecommerce, payments, back-end ops, last mile, customer amanagement, personalization and beyond.

aEach vendor has a detailed profile so that you can start comparing solutions and afeatures accurately.


RFI Manager

Validify’s RFI Manager is the most efficient, hassle-free way to manage a vendor selection process.  Identify and gather information quickly and confidentially, based on your business requirements.

aAI-driven search for the most applicable matches.

aSearch based on budget, organisation size, business type, geography and more.

aPublish your RFI using the platform and gather all the responses, including demo avideo’s in one place while you continue with other tasks.

aA user-friendly dashboard allows you to evaluate the responses individually and acollaboratively, ensuring rigour on every technology decision.

aCreate a shortlist and connect with the vendors via the platform once you are ready.


Knowledge Bank

Extensive library of resources to help you understand, prioritise and evaluate different solutions with confidence.

aThought leadership reports and content on all the major topics affecting the retail and aconsumer brand industry. 

aExtensive requirements libraries to help you ask the right questions based on similar aRFIs and best practice.

aKnow the latest in modern systems architecture and the benefits of digital atransformation.

knowledge bank

 A pain-free platform

We continually curate the best solutions from around the world that are relevant to today’s leading brands, ensuring that you always have access to the most up to date technologies. 


Pressure-free decision making

You won’t get chased or qualified by sales professionals using Validify. Software sourcing is hassle-free and at arm’s length until you’re ready to engage with preferred vendors.


Speedy end-to-end buying

With Validify you have all of the information in one place to find what you need and purchase the software procurement process. We ensure rigour and due diligence on every vendor selection process.


Compare apples with apples

We simplify the tech jargon and make it easy to compare features side-by-side. You can specify the things you require or want to exclude, so your matches are always appropriate.

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