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Our leadership team


Fergal O’Mullane 

Co-Founder & CEO

Fergal is an entrepreneur with almost 20 years of retail, retail tech and fund raising experience. Fergal was co-founder of Amplience, a leading B2B rich content solution for retailers globally.


Sam Haeata


Sam brings a wealth of experience managing technology teams, with more than 8 years in CTO positions. This extends the 15 years he worked with PwC, market leaders and start-ups to deliver projects including supply chain management and ecommerce/warehouse platforms.


Christopher Borritt

Head of Sales and

Vendor management

Christopher is an expert when it comes to sales. His experience ranges from assisting enterprise level retailers in adopting the correct cyber security posture, to assisting start-up tech companies with go-to-market sales strategies.


Pervez Gibbs


2O+ years marketing & growth specialist

Founder & CEO IgnitiON Marketing Programme

Startup specialist along with strong enterprise experience in B2B and B2C, experience with diverse range of tech businesses


Laura Wynch

Co-Founder & advisor 

Laura has a wealth of management consulting experience, providing strategic and operational expertise to retailers, brands and private equity houses around the topic of digital transformation and omni-channel development. 

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