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PIM Solutions For Retailers

Working on your e-commerce strategy and your top priorities for the year ahead are attracting, retaining, and delighting customers, time and time again? Want to boost online sales? Product and data accuracy and speed is the true secret to success.

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What is Product Information Management Software?


Product Information Management software helps retailers manage product content across all of their digital platforms. A must-have for any successful e-commerce business, manage all product information to ensure a single, accurate view of product data.  Upload, edit and apply SKU-level data to all their sales channels usually from a single dashboard.

How Do Retailers Use PIM Tools?


Used by different teams across the business in different ways, PIM tools are utilised by: product managers and data teams to identify and fix problematic data, and marketing teams to push product data out to all desired distribution channels.


With PIM tools, retail brands simply upload core product details, such as descriptions, technical specifications, media files, metadata and marketing content to this central system. Then, it will automatically publish or update these details across all of its shopping channels.


PIM software integrates with e-commerce platforms to make product data available on online stores - ensuring products are set to market at rapid speed compared with more manual processes.

Why Do Retailers Need a PIM?


Absolutely.  Are you often challenged with creating an engaging omnichannel customer experience or organising product data from different sources? Are you consistently wasting resources amending and updating product data?


PIM Software Can Benefit Your Business


PIM solutions help retailers accurately manage huge amounts of data and build omnichannel strategies. How do you increase online sales fast? Centralise and enrich your product data.  This in turn will drive more sales and provide a superior customer experience across your marketplaces and channels with less manual intervention.

Reduce Product Returns


PIM software reduces return rates significantly by managing customer expectations.  Ensuring customers receive accurate product data at all stages of the shopping process, means customers receive the product they expect.

Improves Speed to Market Products


Christmas again? Keep up with the changing seasons and trends. PIM software accelerates new product set-up so you can get your products to market faster, across all channels. It’s also possible to tailor your catalogue to the needs of your customers and the marketplace requirements.

Increase Revenue

Investment in a PIM will boost brand loyalty and revenue. Although hard to really quantify there is value to be gained from improving product quality and automating processes.

Discover PIM Software Examples



BetterCommerce offers a suite of composable commerce APIs designed to work with existing and new technology. Our APIs are specialised for B2C, B2B & Brick and Mortar retailers. Our apps include Product Information Management, Order Management Solutions, E-commerce, Experience Manager, Engage for personalisation and Analytics. 

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Pimberly is an innovative SaaS-based Product Information & Digital Asset Management (PIM/DAM) platform.


Since 2016 Pimberly has combined smart SaaS software with cloud-based technology in order to provide the world’s most powerful product information management (PIM) platform. Product data is what we’re passionate about. We help retailers, manufacturers and distributors create stronger relationships with their products. And as a result, create richer shopping experiences for their customers. Continually refining our technology based on customer feedback. Building a tight-knit community with companies that live and breathe product information. Expanding into new markets and helping e-commerce brands tell better product stories. All of these goals are a part of the Pimberly way of life.



Founded in 2015 by ex-googlers and serial entrepreneurs with the vision to create an analytics tool (Plytix = Product Analytics) exclusively for e-commerce. After a hard pivot in 2017, we released our MVP (minimum viable PIM) for beta clients, and has since gained market share rapidly, received multiple funding rounds (private and governmental) and expanded the platform to include tools beyond Product Information Management and Analytics. Today, Plytix is considered one of the leading PIMs in the world.

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Sales Layer


Sales Layer has been continually evolving to provide our customers with everything they need for 7 years with a global presence in 15 countries on 3 continents (and growing!) a dedicated support team, and a user-friendly product with the most intuitive system. We originally designed the system to simplify the data and digital assets process for printed catalogues and have since continued adapting our solution for eCommerce and marketplace needs, among others.

Ready to deliver revenue-generating customer experiences?


Find your perfect software match with Validify: a hassle-free vendor management platform that gives brands the tools to discover, compare and select the right technology solutions for their business.

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