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Warehouse Management Solutions For Retailers

Warehouse management software (WMS) is a powerful tool that helps retailers manage warehouse operations efficiently. 


WMS offers accurate tracking of inbound and outbound stock movement, allowing for greater control and visibility over warehouse activities such as dispatch, shipment tracking and returns.

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Looking to Drastically Reduce Warehouse Management Costs?


WMS software can help. With these tools, retailers can maximise warehouse productivity and efficiency while significantly reducing labour costs, increasing customer service levels and maintaining compliance with safety standards.


A WMS system simplifies the warehouse process by allowing all data to be stored on one secure server instead of multiple incompatible systems. This enables retailers to access accurate information quickly which is critical when managing customers’ orders and ensuring product availability. 


WMS software also helps warehouse managers and heads of logistics to streamline the warehouse workflow. 

Warehouse Management Software Can Benefit Your Retail Business in 2023


With warehouse management software, you can save your business time and money. WMS systems automate the warehouse process, meaning that tasks such as inventory tracking and order picking can be completed with ease. This translates to a drastic reduction in labour costs for your organisation.


Furthermore, warehouse management software eliminates processing errors associated with manual processes. Your team will no longer need to spend time or resources correcting mistakes. Robust WMS solutions also enable businesses to consolidate processing steps, further reducing staff requirements and optimising stock flow with an automated replenishment system.


At its core, warehouse management software is designed to help streamline operations and reduce costs – making it an invaluable tool for any business looking to maximise efficiency within its warehouse environment. With warehouse management software, your business can experience improved speed and accuracy in warehouse processes – ultimately giving you the edge over your competition.


Investing in a WMS system or at least upgrading the system you have currently is a worthwhile investment and could help you to hit those 2023 goals and maximise warehouse productivity and efficiency going forward.

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Warehouse Management Platform Examples

Principal Logistics Technologies

ProWMS Warehouse Management Software: On-premise and cloud-based warehouse management software with all the functionality required by SMEs to multinationals. Robust and highly configurable to exact customer requirements. 


Principal Logistics Technologies is a leader in the design and delivery of innovative Warehouse Management Software (WMS) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software solutions which optimise operational performance, reduce cost and increase revenue for 3PL Logistics, Distribution, Wholesale and Retail warehouse operators. 


Descartes Peoplevox

Warehouse Management System for Direct to Consumer brands and e-commerce merchants.  Jonathan Bellwood founded Peoplevox in 2010, to build a disruptive solution that would allow online merchants to compete with Amazon in terms of fulfilment. Winning over 150 clients such as Gymshark, In The Style and PURELEI, in 23 countries, Peoplevox WMS continues to enable brands to deliver a remarkable customer experience. Peoplevox was acquired in February 2020 by The Descartes Systems Group. Now a part of the Global Logistics Network and with the support of a publicly listed, 1500+ employee enterprise, Peoplevox is going from strength to strength, shipping literally millions of orders of Peak 2020.

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Ready to deliver revenue-generating customer experiences?


Find your perfect software match with Validify: a hassle-free vendor management platform that gives brands the tools to discover, compare and select the right technology and CDP solutions for their business.

What are Warehouse Management Platforms?


The software solution that offers visibility into your entire inventory and manages supply chain fulfilment operations from the distribution centre to the store shelf.


WMS software makes it easier for businesses to be agile in their operations so they can meet changing customer demands quickly and cost-effectively. With real-time data on stock movements in the warehouse, Warehouse and Logistical Managers can gain better control and visibility.  This leads to higher accuracy in warehouse operations, improved warehouse efficiency, lower costs and increased customer satisfaction, enabling businesses to stay ahead of their competition.  


It provides automated processes to manage warehouse inventory effectively by streamlining warehouse tasks such as receiving and put-away, picking, packing, shipping orders, and replenishing stock when necessary. This helps in reducing costs while improving the customer experience due to faster order fulfilment. 

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