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The fastest way to
discover, compare
& select
SaaS technology

Validify is a vendor management platform that gives brands the tools and confidence to quickly discover, compare and select technology solutions.

Sourcing new vendors can be stressful, confusing, time-consuming and risky. Our platform will slash the time it takes to search for new software, bypass frustrating sales dialogue and reduce the risk, so you can focus on growth. 
Founded in 2015, Validify now has 10,000+ curated SaaS vendors to evaluate and buy from. Businesses input their requirements and goals, and the platform will match the best solutions, bringing the vendors to you for a fair, uninterrupted comparison. You then have the power to engage further or buy from that vendor with no strings attached.   



Read our insights about technology and its application in the retail business.



Browse our retail tech reports for the latest findings, advice and solutions.



Learn how others are using Validify to discover, compare and select new software. 

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